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HTML5, CSS3, PHP, C++, JavaScript, and Java

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HTML5 CSS3, and JavaScript

Front-End Web Development:
Resume Website

Bradley Honeyman's resume website

The resume website, which you are currently on uses HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript (ES6), Bootstrap 4, and jQuery. Another sample website I made using Bootstrap 3 is here: DVM Bible Camp

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COSC 222 Code

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C++ code written in COSC 222 has a focus on data algorithms such as quicksort, binary search trees. Also, we also use recursion, and tail recursion, which are both powerful coding methods. Make sure to check out my code on the Github!

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Text Ship 3: An Android App

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Text Ship 3 is a Android app I wrote in late 2016 using Java, and a API called picasso. Text Ship 3 is playable on most android screen sizes, as it calculates the size of objects based on the screen size. For example, the spaceship is 1/16th of the height of the phone screen, and it's width is 1/8th.

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